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Pre-owned boats in Holland

Brand Model Length in meters Year Price in Euro
View larger imageWherryRowy 26'7.75m2018€1,500
View larger imageKroon Kruiser 9759.75m1992€18,750
View larger imagePedroDonky 298.60m1984€39,500
View larger imageGruno38 Classic Retro KR12.40m2010€189,500
View larger imagePedro8508.50m1981€17,450
View larger imageCurtevenne7857.85m1980€7,450
View larger imagePedroDonky 298.50m1982€39,500
View larger imagePedroBora 4112.70m1992€120,000
View larger imageSucces950 SD9.50m1980€29,750
View larger imageMarneKruiser9.80AK9.80m1984€24,750
View larger imageMeeuwkruiser9.00 AK9.00m1972€12,500
View larger imageVri-JonContessa 45 Royal13.85m2000€199,750
View larger imageElna-Kruiser9.30AK9.30m1978€24,750
View larger imageTintorera Tom-Car-Boats6506.50m2012€13,900
View larger imagevan Leeuwenschouw820 AK8.20m1980€12,750